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Brain Flotsam

the random bits float to the top...

Rev. Keri
20 February 1977
The full art archive is on Dreamwidth: zephre.dreamwidth.org.
alternative energy, ancient history, ancient world, anthropology, archaeology, art nouveau, astrology, babylon 5, beaches, body art, body modification, books, british comedy, buddhism, catholicism, celtic rock, celts, cheese, civil rights, comparative religion, corsets, costume design, crafts, creative writing, crystals, dark fantasy, democracy, department of peace, divination, dragonsfire moo, drawing, dreams, dressmaking, dune, earth religions, egyptology, environmental stewardship, fairy godmothering, fairy tales, fanart, fantasy, farscape, fencing, fiber arts, fiction writing, fire, folk dancing, folk music, folklore, gnosticism, goddess, graphic novels, greece, greek, greek mythology, harry potter, henna, herbalism, hippopotamus amphibius, hippos, history, humanism, illustration, interfaith, journal writing, languages, latin, learning, magic, martial arts, mary magdalene, mediterranean, men in kilts, merlin, mesopotamia, metaphysics, ministry, monty python, moon, muppets, mythology, nanowrimo, native americans, new york, ocean, organic living, paganism, painting, pantheism, pastoral authority, peace, philosophy, poland, progressive politics, quilting, quilts, reading, renewable energy, role-playing, rome, rpgs, runes, sci-fi, science, science fiction, sewing, shamanism, space exploration, speculative fiction, spirituality, stargazing, stone circles, stones, storytelling, sufism, swords, tarot, tarot readings, tattoos, the new seminary, the universe, tolerance, travel, web design, witchcraft, worldbuilding, writing